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Deadzone • Limited Edition


Spieleranzahl 2
Spieldauer 60 Minuten
Alter ab 12 Jahre
Spiel in:
Verlag Mantic Games
EAN 5060208865578
Erschienen 2013/12


1 Exclusive The Survivor Mercenary!
1 Full Colour A4 Rulebook
6 eight sided dice
130+ counters
54 Card Enforcers Faction Deck
54 Card Plague Faction Deck
Urban Battlezone:
2’x2’ Durable Urban Gaming Mat
28 Modular Plastic Scenery tiles
20 Piece Plastic Accessory Sprue
48 Piece Connector Sprue
12 Plastic Enforcers Miniatures:
1 Enforcer Peacekeeper Captain
4 Enforcers with Heavy Rifle
2 Assault Enforcers
1 Enforcer Engineer
1 Enforcer Sniper
1 Enforcer Missile Launcher
2 Enforcer Sentry Guns
11 Plastic Plague Miniatures:
1 Plague Stage 1A
3 Plague Stage 2A
4 Plague Stage 3A
1 Plague Stage 3A with HMG
2 Plague Stage 3D “Hellhounds

Links zum Spiel

  • Magabotato.de
  • Command the most dangerous soldiers in the universe! In Deadzone, you control an elite squad of soldiers and engage your opposition in furious fire-fights within the depths of an urban battlezone, with a will to survive at all costs. Featuring stunningly detailed miniatures and amazing modular scenery, Deadzone puts you in the centre of exciting battles with variable mission objectives: capture enemy intel, assassinate the enemy leader… eliminate the opposition!

    Deadzone features two crack teams of upgradeable elite troopers, both with powerful heroes and devastating heavy weapons. The two forces fight in an urban warzone, created using the astoundingly high quality gaming mat and the plastic building tiles and accessories included in the box. These are fully modular and can be built in any combination you desire – the only limit being your imagination!

    With a simple set of rules for tactical and strategic gameplay and all of the cards and counters you need to play, this box contains everything you need to become the commander of your own Deadzone Squad and wage war in across an Urban Battlefield.

    Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Sprueless Plastic Requires super glue.

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