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Dungeon Bazar


Spieleranzahl 3 - 6
Spieldauer 90 Minuten
Alter ab 8 Jahre
Spiel in:
Autor Paolo Cecchetto, Daniele Tascini, Simone Luciani
Illustrator Valentina Moscon
Verlag Cranio Creations
EAN 8034055580318
Erschienen 2014/Q4


Content: ♦♦30 Hero Cards ♦♦63 Equipment Cards ♦♦14 Junk Cards ♦♦5 Magic Cards ♦♦5 Merchant Tiles ♦♦30 Dragon Tokens ♦♦Dragons in different sizes (1-3-5-10-20) ♦♦5 Merchant wooden Pawns (5 colours) ♦♦21 Goblin wooden Pawns (5 colours) ♦♦5 Exit Tokens ♦♦1 Baby Dragon Token ♦♦1 Orc Token

Old stories talks about epic adventures of spotless heroes who face indescribable dangers to save the world from the most dreadful of threats, dragons, just using their courage and legendary equipments…. but no one ever answered the most mysterious of questions: “Where the hell did they buy that incredible weapons?”

In DUNGEON BAZAR you are that fabolous merchants who allow heroes to overcome, or at least try to, their trial! Fill up your shop with objects and convince customers to buy only from you. And remember that a good merchant cares only about his empty shop and full pockets, not about the success of a stranger’s challenge.

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