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Raise your Goblets • ENG Horrible Games

Have you felt the thrill of the struggle between life and death, sitting at the same table with your worst enemy and an unreasonable amount of poison? Don’t forget to bring some antidote when playing Raise Your Goblets!

In Raise Your Goblets, players take the roles of nobles at a banquet, each one with their own agenda of personal vendetta. Each player has wine, poison and antidote tokens they can pour into the goblets, trying to poison their enemies while staying alive themselves! Each noble also has a special ability that allows them to bend or even break a rule.

In more detail, each character has a plastic goblet, and each goblet is primed in secret at the start of the round with either wine, poison or antidote. On a turn, you take two actions, with actions being to peek inside your goblet, rotate all goblets left or right, swap your goblet with someone else’s, or secretly add one of your wine, poison or antidote tokens to any goblet. Once someone has “served” all of their wine, they can call a toast on their turn instead of doing anything else. Each player, including the toaster, takes one more action, then everyone drinks. If you have more poison than antidote, you die.

What’s your goal in doing all of this? Well, at the start of a round you are given a target to kill, and everyone knows who is targeting whom. If at the end of a round, your target is dead, you score 1 point; if you’re alive, you score 1 point; if both of these things are true, you score a bonus point (3 total). Also, whoever has the most wine in their cup scores 1 point. If someone has died, they receive a new noble card, and at the end of three rounds, whoever has scored the most points wins.

Steam Park: Play Dirty • DT./ENG./ITA./FRA. Horrible Games

5 Spieler… und viel mehr! Steam Park: Schmutzige Tricks bietet euch viele neue Spielstrategien für euren Park. Variiert mit den Parkdirektoren die Spielregeln. Späht mit den SPIONAGEwürfel eure Konkurrenz aus. Lockt Knauserige besucherbots an für ein paar einfach verdiente Danari. Plant mit neuen Attraktionsanbauten und Ständen. Und das alles jetzt auch für 5 Spieler!

Steam Park: Robots • DT./ENG./ITA./FRA./ESP. Horrible Games

Diese Steam Park Mini-Erweiterung erlaubt es euch, die hölzernen Roboter aus dem Steam Park Grundspiel und der Schmutzige Tricks-Erweiterung gegen schicke neue Plastikfiguren auszutauschen. Obendrein beinhaltet sie eine neue Klasse von Robobürgern: die V.I.R.! Sie sind zwar ein bisschen snobistisch, aber lockt sie in euren Park, und ihr werdet eine Menge Geld an ihnen verdienen!

In Roboburg, everything is getting fancier! The city’s Mayor has decided that finally the time has come for every citizen to get a free upgrade! Thanks to the amazing income the theme parks provide to City Hall, all the Roboburgers received a major luxury treatment for their chassis! After this event, though, a small group of Roboburgers started calling themselves V.I.R. (Very Important Roboburgers), due to their gold and shiny new body!

In Steam Park: Robots, you can exploit this “Robourgeois” to gain even more money and get away with it — but beware since these V.I.R. are picky and don’t get along well with all the common Roboburgers, so you will have to make them feel special if you want them in your parks!

The Steam Park: Robots mini-expansion allows you to replace the wooden Roboburgers from the Steam Park base game and the Play Dirty expansion with shiny new plastic miniatures! This mini-expansion contains 56 plastic Robots and 1 embroidered bag compatible with all the other Steam Park™ products.

Dungeon Fighter: Rock and Roll • Expansion ENGLISH Horrible Games

Guys! I would act surprised as usual, but I really can’t be anymore, can I? You’re seasoned heroes. I took your success for granted… well, almost. And since you don’t have that strange look on your faces anymore, I assume that you were expecting my appearance, too, right? Speaking of the King and his guards, I’ve got good news. You’re almost done with escaping! One more dungeon, and you’ll be out of the kingdom. There’s just one small catch. You’ll have to go through the Horrific Mines of Hefty Wealth… and in spite of the cutesy name, it won’t be easy. Profitable, maybe, but easy? No. Not at all.

Dungeon Fighter ENGLISCH • REVISED Horrible Games

Explore spooky dungeons, find glorious treasure, buy powerful magic items and challenge the most horrible creatures. Will your party be able to defeat the final boss? Dungeon fighter the first game where your skill determines the ability of your character, kill Medusa without looking into her eyes, defeat Minotaur in the labyrinth or resist to the breath of the dragon. Will you be able to hit the target by throwing the dice under your leg, with your eyes closed?

Dungeon Fighter: Fire at will • Expansion ENGLISH Horrible Games

After a long wait, here is finally Dungeon Fighter: Fire at Will! The first of 4 expansions for the now famous Dungeon Fighter, all themed on the 4 elements that make up our universe (at least those officially recognized; as of now stupidity, even if abundant, has not passed the long, necessary bureaucratic process yet).

Dungeon Fighter: The Big Wave • Expansion ENGLISH Horrible Games

Dive into the infinite depths and drench slippery monsters! Get access to the secrets of water magic, the juiciest elemental art!

Dungeon Fighter: Stormy Winds • Expansion ENGLISH Horrible Games

Dungeon Fighter: Stormy Winds is the third of the four expansions for Dungeon Fighter related to the power of the four elements: fire, air, earth and water. Each expansion can be played by adding cards to the basic game or by mixing them together if you want a completely new and crazy gaming experience.

This expansion contains a mixture of new game materials, but above all it gives players access to the secrets of air magic, the freshest elemental art. Now careless heroes can twist and storm everything around them to make their situation even more interesting.

Stormy Winds includes new monsters and equipment, a new sorceress heroine, an ancient greek god as the Boss, and new maps with special rooms. You can accumulate experience points as in a real fantasy game, and power cards allow you to activate devastating air powers, such as the “Chain Lightning” spell, but beware the new monster flying ability! You will fight using the air elemental die and, of course, make new “impossible” die rolls!

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