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Ragers ENGLISH Galakta

It’s better to let professionals draw the first blood…

Every year, all tribes gather for the Great Thing. Supervised by feared judges and in the face of ruthless deities, each and every person who feels harmed or wronged may prove their rights on the bloodied sands of the Arena of the Righteous. Such persons may challenge the alleged wrongdoer to single combat and seek retribution for any crime — or at least that’s what the Ancient Law states. Ragers: Champions of the Arena is a game of wits and bluff for two players. Each player becomes a head of a team of Ragers — powerful fighters who settle disputes between tribes during the Great Thing that lasts for three days. During the game, players play cards depicting brave warriors and representing different types of attacks and special actions. By doing so, they gain glory points (GPs) over three rounds of fighting, and whoever gains the most GPs becomes victorious.

Each day of the Great Thing is devoted to a different deity, and each day bloodthirsty spectators expect daring feats of strength and cunning, so the conditions of combat change constantly. It is up to players to choose the best strategy that will appease the crowd and enable them to outsmart their rival.

Andromeda DEUTSCH Galakta

Unter der strengen Führung des Galaktischen Konzils haben unzählige Spezies das All unter sich aufgeteilt. Die Geschichte erzählt von der längst vergangenen Zivilisation der Menschen. Sie sollen überragende Technologien entwickelt haben, bevor sie ausgelöscht wurden. Nun ist wie aus dem Nichts ein Raumschiff mit dem Schriftzug “Andromeda” aufgetaucht. Alles deutete daraufhin, dass die Andromeda ein verlassenes Wrack jener alten, ausgelöschten Spezies ist. Viele der raumfahrenden Völker wollen seine Geheimnisse für sich beanspruchen und um einen offenen Konflikt zu vermeiden hat das Galaktische Konzil ein Erkundungsteam aus Wissenschaftlern verschiedener Rassen zusammengestellt. Doch kaum setzen die Forscher einen Fuß an Bord, beginnt ein Wettrennen der verschiedenen Völker um die geheimnisvollen Schätze des Raumschiffs.

Wettstreit der Diebe Galakta

Willkommen in Hadria, dem Treffpunkt für reiche Händler, fleißige Bürger, geniale Erfinder … und geschickte Diebe. Derzeit weilt Kaiser Lucius IV in der Stadt und er führt das kaiserliche Juwel mit sich – den wertvollsten Schatz des Reiches.

Begib dich in eine Welt voller seltsamer Erfindungen, finsterer Gassen und noch finsterer Taten!

End of Atlantis ENGLISH Galakta

In “End of Atlantis”, players try to evacuate as many of their fellow citizens as they can – before the great cataclysm engulfs the island. Ships that are meant to ferry people to safety of the New Land are too small and few and not everybody will be able to leave Atlantis in time.

Players must compete for available space, vie for control of the Atlantean Senate, ally themselves with powerful Figures, and use every bit of influence to outsmart, outbid and outthink their opponents.

No trick is too cheap in such dire times. Players can resort to sabotage, betrayal, corruption and bribes. They can employ devious telepaths, shapeshifter spies and honor guards.

They must hurry though. The end is near and when the third “Doom!” card enters play, the game is over and the winner is decided.

Are you brave enough to lead your people to salvation?

Andromeda ENGLISH Galakta

The far future. Humanity is long extinct. Its place has been taken by many new races from across and beyond this galaxy. Peace is preserved only by the Galactic Council of Elders maintaining a balance of power among ambitious races. And each of these secretly seeks to discover new technologies that would grant them dominion over the Universe.

One day, a huge, devastated spaceship appears suddenly in space, with the name “Andromeda” marked on its side. It seems that Andromeda is the abandoned wreck of a spaceship from an ancient, vanished race. Every modern race knows that these Ancients had fantastic technologies far beyond those now known, and many wish to seize the ship’s secrets for themselves. The Galactic Council has authorized an exploration team composed of scientists from different races, but while they’ll all go aboard together, they each represent a race with its own interests and goals…

Andromeda is a board game with an interesting action selection system based on the “I split, you choose” idea. One player rolls dice and splits them into two groups, but another player choses which group will be assigned to which action.

Zombie Terror ENGLISH Galakta

We must stay together – they’re everywhere!

Only a few has managed to stay alive after the zombieapocalypse. A small group of survivors hid inside a shopping mall, but the apparently safe place soon turned out to be a dead end – literally! In the face of danger they have only one choice – to escape! However, the only way leads through a parking lot full of brainthirsty zombies…

Zombie Terror is an asymmetrical game for two players. One player becomes the leader of the surviving humans who must be smart and ready for any sacrifice if they hope to survive in the world full of deadly surprises. Those brave few have to face endless hordes of bloodthirsty zombies controlled by the other player. As you might expect, those humans are but a game for the mindless monsters prowling every street and building.

Desperate courage might not be enough to stop undead hordes.

Zombie Terror contains additional game scenarios and rules for creating your own, unique scenarios, guaranteeing high replayability as well as giving you almost limitless options to expand the game!

Age of Thieves ENGLISH Galakta

Age of Thieves is a fantasy board game of strategy and adventure set in Hadria, a port metropolis located on the northern fringes of a mighty Empire. Each player becomes a master thief about to commit the most daring burglary of his career. During the game players may use unique abilities of their thieves as well as various action cards, which represent maneuvers, alchemical potions or complicated devices inspired by visionary ideas of Renaissance inventors. The players choose cards to play and then use available Action Points to plan the order of their activities. This makes the game very dynamic, with each resolved action dramatically influencing the turn. The players’ order changes dynamically depending on the number of Action Points placed on each chosen card.

The goal of the game is to break into the vault inside the Emperor’s palace and steal the Emperors' Jewel, the symbol of power very precious to the ruling dynasty. However, this is hardly the end, because thieves must escape from the city with their loot. This is no easy task – the streets are patrolled by vigilant city guards and veteran captains well versed in all criminal tricks. Additionally, time is running fast for the thieves – event cards introduced each turn control the flow of the game, escalating its pace and difficulty of challenges for the players to overcome.

The thief who will manage to escape through one of four city gates taking with him the Emperors’ Jewel or other valuable loot will be the winner of the game. Anyone who will stay inside Hadria after resolving the last event card will be caught and mercilessly thrown inside the city dungeon, their names erased from the annals of the omnipotent Guild.

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