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Dungeon Fighter: Fire at will • Expansion ENGLISH


Spieleranzahl 1 - 6
Spieldauer 45 - 60 Minuten
Alter ab 10 Jahre
Spiel in:
Autor Lorenzo Silva Lorenzo Tucci Sorrentino
Illustrator Giulia Ghigini
Verlag Horrible Games
EAN 8055320200021
Erschienen 2013/11

After a long wait, here is finally Dungeon Fighter: Fire at Will! The first of 4 expansions for the now famous Dungeon Fighter, all themed on the 4 elements that make up our universe (at least those officially recognized; as of now stupidity, even if abundant, has not passed the long, necessary bureaucratic process yet).

In Dungeon Fighter: Fire at Will! you will obviously find new monsters, new items, new special dice, but not only! With a new game mechanic, you’ll be able to launch new, powerful elemental spells … assuming you have accumulated the Power points needed to invoke the aid of the elements, of course. And we didn’t even mention our new character: Melissa the Pyromaniac!

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