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Dungeon Fighter: Rock and Roll • Expansion ENGLISH


Spieleranzahl 1 - 6
Spieldauer 45 - 60 Minuten
Alter ab 8 Jahre
Spiel in:
Autor Aureliano Buonfino Lorenzo Silva Lorenzo Tucci Sorrentino
Illustrator Giulia Ghigini
Verlag Horrible Games
EAN 8055320200045
Erschienen 2015/04

Guys! I would act surprised as usual, but I really can’t be anymore, can I? You’re seasoned heroes. I took your success for granted… well, almost. And since you don’t have that strange look on your faces anymore, I assume that you were expecting my appearance, too, right? Speaking of the King and his guards, I’ve got good news. You’re almost done with escaping! One more dungeon, and you’ll be out of the kingdom. There’s just one small catch. You’ll have to go through the Horrific Mines of Hefty Wealth… and in spite of the cutesy name, it won’t be easy. Profitable, maybe, but easy? No. Not at all.

Why don’t you buy some new stuff? I’ve got something fancy for you… earth magic! Tough stuff. Your party will definitely rock… hahaha… I still got it, don’t I? This expansion for Dungeon Fighter contains a little bit of everything: new monsters, a new hero, new items, and two new final bosses. But, above all, it gives players access to the secrets of earth magic, the toughest elemental art.

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